Kingdom Nations Church

“We, Kingdom Nations Church are a Spirit filled, multi-cultural, non-denominational, Bible believing Church who believe Jesus is Savior, Lord and King.

Our mission is to advance the Rule, Reign, Royalty, and Realm of our God’s Kingdom in the earth through the hearts of men.

The Colorblind Church is our axiom, emphasizing racial symmetry as a harmonious chord in the melody of this ministry.

It is through humble servitude unto God, the Church, and the World that we advance as Kings & Queens for Christ in the earth (Rev. 5:10).

Jesus is our vision and love is our stronghold!


Service Times

Kingdom Nations Atlanta
6250 Memorial Drive
Stone Mountain, Georgia 30084
Sundays @ 3:00pm

Kingdom Nations Orlando

Teleconference Bible Study
1-712-432-0385 PIN: 872715#
Every Wednesday 6:45pm
24 hr playback 1-712-432-0389

777's Busines Men & Women Prayer
Every Monday
7 am for 7 minutes
712-432-1500 pin 966069#

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Word on Wheels

Would you like a Bible study in your home? Well look no further, This is a Bible Study conducted by our Pastors that is available to the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Teleconference Bible Study

Live every Wednesday at 6:45pm

1-712-432-0385 pin code 872715#

Call back for recorded message dial

1-712-432-0389 pin code 872715#


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